Chelsea Drunk, Reaching Over The Side Of The Bed To Her Cat

Cat! Cat Winslet! Come on, come over here!  You’re so pretty!

Chelsea has stretched too far; she slides off the bed.  Cat Winslet walks over, licks Chelsea’s finger, and then walks up onto her stomach, and around in a couple circles.  Chelsea puts her hand on top of Cat’s fur, and it’s so fucking soft.

See, I take good care of you!  I gave you a good home, right?  ‘Cause you just let me know if you need anything, and I’ll be there….in a hurry, ya don’t have to worry

I’m serious, though.  You’re stuck with me.   I’m gonna bury you one day.

Holy shit, you’re gonna be with me for your ever!  I’m gonna bury you.  I’ll do it. I don’t even care about symbolism, but it’ll be the last thing I know for sure I’ll do for you.  I don’t know if you want me to or not, but it’s a promise now.

*Published with Bay Area Generations