Chelsea On Her Day Off

Chelsea doesn’t do yoga.  But she calls it that to avoid having to explain what it is she does.

First thing after she wakes up, she gets out of bed without turning the light on, and leaves the room.  She decides whether she’s going to have orange juice or go pee.

Either way, she does one and then the other, goes back to bed, and rests without sleeping for about a half hour.  She then dozes off at the last minute, and nods herself awake.  At this point, she gets out of bed and makes a hearty omelette and potatoes.

Once it is finished, she lays on her back on the rug.  She imagines that she shares this feeling with a bullfrog, stretched out on his back in a grassy field, sun shining off his soft belly.   She pretends to access a psychic connection with this bullfrog, and enjoys blinking in the rays of light, and feeling the warmth in her stomach.

She has no routine for the stretches that follow.  She believes in her stomach, and what it wants.  She stretches wherever it feels good.

*Published with Bay Area Generations