Hi Y’all I Quit My Job And Now I’m Happy

Of course I’ve got other stuff, I signed all these tax papers today with a family. Isn’t that nice? My employer is a man and his wife, and my job is to take care of their little weirdo who wears his mom’s workout headband under his chin and up to his head with his red visor over it and the occasional clunky white headphones over that.

I am seriously lucky.

And I am not stocking groceries at a back-breaking angle in a place that people confuse for a health foods store.

That’s nice.

Also, I filled out these tax papers today, and I was like what is a Head of Household, really? I have always considered my household to be just me no matter if I had roommates, in tax terms.

But today, my household sounded a lot like me and Ben.

For me, this is the moment where I realized I am in a serious relationship, page 1 of my W4 for 2017.

I can’t wait to tell my therapist.


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